Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sunday: first day in Zhengzhou

Again, words will come later... (it's almost 11:30 pm and I'm usually in bed by 9 pm for the last three nights!).

Last breakfast (at 6 am!) at the
Sunworld Dynasty, Beijing.
 **** ****
Bus ride to the Beijing airport
(Henry loved sitting next to daddy).
 **** ****
Lining up and waiting for our reps to pick up tickets to
Zhengzhou (I believe there are 14 or 15 families in total?);
we hit some turbulence towards the end of our flight,
which made Henry feel nauseated, poor guy.
 **** ****
The newly renovated Crowne Plaza
in Zhengzhou, Henan
 **** ****
These beds are more like two doubles, so we pushed
them together to make one giant-sized bed
(the crib arrived when we returned from Walmart!).
 **** ****
 **** ****
 **** ****
 **** ****
A sweet gift from the hotel and we are
naming him "Dungarees Dave"!
 **** ****
Fabulous shower!
 **** ****
 **** ****
 **** ****
(Great) Late lunch at the hotel restaurant.
 **** ****
Henry walking up the Stairs to Nowhere
(second floor, Crowne Plaza, Zhengzhou).


Angie said...

Wow that looks soooo much nicer than when we were there a year and a half ago. We will be there next month and hoping we get a renovated room. Is that a regular room or upgraded? since it has the big windows?
Thanks! Excited for your family. Excited for Oliver to get his family!

linxx said...

Thank you, Angie! Yes, it's a regular room with two double beds :). Good luck to you next month!!


likeschocolate said...

This doesn't even look like the same hotel we stayed at! The renovations are gorgeous! WOW!