Friday, April 11, 2014

April updates of Oliver!


Our cute little button (18 months old)!
The day after we received "soft LOA" we submitted five questions to our agency as per their request. They would forward our questions to China and request an update of photos of Oliver, his general health, and his growth measurements. That was on March 12th. I was told I may have to wait a couple of months to receive updates.

So, when I noticed an email late this afternoon from my agency with a little "paperclip symbol" attached, I KNEW it was an update of our little guy! He has grown so much since the last set of photographs we saw of him back in early January! We haven't seen him smile yet, but we are certain we will make him crack a smile between the three of us :D.

Anyway, in terms of paperwork, we are moving swiftly along. We received our I-800 Approval and the NVC letter (PDF format); I filed for the DS-260 (Oliver's US visa application), and our agency submitted our paperwork to the US Consulate in Guangzhou on April 8 (known as "drop-off").

In about two weeks (say, April 22), our agency will notify us of the next step: "Article 5 pick-up" from Guangzhou to Beijing. What happens after that? We wait for our Travel Approval, or "TA" -- China's official invitation to visit China to adopt our child!!!

As soon as we receive "TA" I will drive to the Chinese Consulate in Houston to apply for our Chinese visas. (The last time we did this in 2012, we were able to apply for our Chinese visas after receiving the I-800 Approval; however, the Houston Consulate now requires that we have a copy of our TA to apply for visas through their Consulate.)

Gotta go! Still looking like we'll be traveling around the third week of May…that's 6 weeks from today :O! So much to do!!!