Thursday, March 20, 2014

China Adoption Paperchasing Acronyms

I created this table for our second adoption to help me follow along each milestone, and just for fun, I added the "levels of celebration" to remind myself when it's time to buy cupcakes...and cranberry juice in fancy glasses (of course) :D.

I will probably add other commonly used adoption acronyms (i.e. SN, NSN, WCP, DS, DD, etc.) in a separate table at a later time.

**Please check with your agency for details and changes (table created in March 2014).**

Waiting Child China Adoption Paperchasing Acronyms
Dossier To China Your agency has sent your dossier to China, or, the CCCWA, where it will be translated into Chinese and logged into the system.
Out Of Translation Your dossier is out of translation.
Log-In-Date The date your dossier is officially received by the CCCWA.
Letter Of Intent Your agency submits this letter to China after you have accepted a referral.
Pre-Approval Pre-approval from China (effective June 2013, PA is not required for LID-already families).
Letter Of Acceptance, or, Letter Seeking Confirmation (LSC) Official approval from China (effective June 2013, your agency will receive an electronic “soft LOA” prior to the hard copy of LOA).
National Visa Center NVC sends you an email with a PDF indicating your file has been forwarded, or, “cabled” to the US Consulate in Guangzhou (printed copy arrives later).

Article 5
(drop-off and pick-up)
Your immigration information and child’s visa application
are dropped off at the US Consulate in Guangzhou, and then picked up 2 weeks later.
Travel Approval Your agency has received TA from CCCWA, which means you are one step closer from traveling to China. Start packing!
Consulate Appointment Your agency will request a CA with the US Consulate in Guangzhou in order for you to obtain your child’s US visa when you are in China.

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