Saturday, March 15, 2014

Care package #2 for Oliver

I've been meaning to send Oliver's second care package for the last 3-4 weeks (?) now. Around early February I was informed by a care package company that "ZhengZhou CWI will not share pictures or information anymore [...]." I was very disappointed because that's how I obtained "additional photos and updates" (outside of my agency) of my first son. :(

So, within the last few days, I managed to scramble some items for this round of care package operation (except * -- but I just "had" to send them out today!). This time, I wanted to be more practical and bought items to fill the orphanage's medicine cabinet. After I mailed out the packages, I emailed my agency to ask if they had a "needs list" for my son's orphanage, so I could share it with my Facebook group (besides, I may send out one more package before we travel...probably in early June?).

For the orphanage:
  • White and milk chocolate cookies for the nannies
  • Tootsie Roll Pops (*should have bought another bag)
  • Toothbrushes
  • Toothpaste (*the tube was considerably smaller than I had expected when I removed the packaging!)
  • Soothing Relief Moisturizing Cream
  • Diaper rash cream (got $2 off with a Target coupon)
  • Butt Paste
For our son and foster family:
  • White and milk chocolate cookies
  • Tootsie Roll Pops
  • (*Probably should have also packed toothbrushes and toothpaste!) 
  • Clothes for our son (*forgot to pack an extra pair of pants to go with the top!)
  • Squeaky toy
  • Jump drive (I've been told this is the way to go these days!)
  • Disposable camera (I threw that in as I was packing; may as well see if I can get even more pictures of our son and his foster family!)
Here are the weights and costs for my two packages (First Class to China):
  • 3 lb. 9.8 oz = $37.10
  • 3 lb. 0 oz = $31.55
Come on, LOA! Monday, maybe?

Gotta pack extra toothbrushes after all that candy, right?!
**** ****
Packed the disposable camera hoping to receive
extra pics of our precious little boy.

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