Thursday, January 9, 2014

Introducing Henry's baby brother, Oliver

Meet Oliver. We were matched on December 18, 2013 and fell in love with him instantly! He is from Zhengzhou City Children's Welfare Institute (ZZ CWI) in Henan, China, but he's currently living with a foster family in Zhengzhou. According to some members of the "Zhengzhou CWI Adoptees and Parents" Facebook page, Zhengzhou has a wonderful foster care program. Oliver is now 15 months old and we are HOPING to return to China around April 2014 to pick up this little guy, so he'll be around 18 months by the time we meet (Henry was also 18 months when we met him). Henry is very excited to meet his baby brother!

We also sent our first care packages to both Oliver and the orphanage on January 6, but I'm not sure when they'll arrive. Below are weights and costs for USPS First Class package:
  • 3 lb. 9.5 oz = $37.10
  • 3 lb. 7.1 oz = $35.25
These two boxes were much heavier and therefore more expensive than the first care packages I sent to Henry in 2011! Since the packages weighed under 4 lbs each, I had to use Form 2976 Customs Declaration (packages over 4 lbs require Form 2976-A Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note). As recommended by my agency, I used the Chinese-version address label, which will get the package to China faster than the English version; for the Customs Declaration, I used the English version.

Time to pick up my little pumpkin from school! He didn't cry today, but more about that another time!


Referral pics of Oliver at 8 months old
(he's "standing" or propped up; is that possible at 8 mos.?)
**** ****
Updated pics of our cute button at 15 months old
(received Jan. 7, 2014)
**** ****
First care packages sent to Oliver and his orphanage
**** ****
I managed to squeeze in another bag of
chocolate wafer cookies for the nannies, too!
**** ****
If weight is greater than 4 lbs, use top Form 2976-A.
If weight is 4 lbs or less, use bottom Form 2976.
**** ****
Big brother and little brother...awww.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last Quarter of 2013 in Review

Happy New Year! I wanted to post this message last night but I was too tired and too busy watching the "ball drop" in Times Square on TV :). Anyway, it's been a wonderful 2013 with our little Henry and I have included some photos below from where I left off in June (click on photo to zoom).

I will be updating my blog on a regular basis again (well, I'll try) since we have been matched with another cute little button! He's 15 months old from Zhengzhou CWI in Henan but currently in foster care. I will write more about our new son as soon as I figure out how to reconfigure the layout and design of this blog!

Wishing you all a Happy 2014!

The invitation I designed for Henry's
3rd birthday; the RSVP info is on the
back of the cloud.
**** ****
My "Teeny Bots" cardboard cutout for Henry and
his teeny buddies; it took about a week to design
and build this, but it was totally worth it.
**** ****
The "build your own bot" robots ready for the children
(I may include another post about the party
as I have more to share!) and lunch box favors.
**** ****
Henry at his second annual dental visit
(he was more cooperative but hated the cleaning).
**** ****
Henry helping mommy pack!
**** ****
"I'm putting my head in the water, mommy!"
Henry's first swim class evaluation in October.
**** ****
Going to the museum's Halloween Party
dressed up as Buzz Lightyear.
**** ****
First ER visit :(. Getting ready for his two staples
while watching Bug's Life movie LATE at night!
**** ****
Trying to get along, lol.
**** ****
Henry the firefighter at the
local children's museum.
**** ****
Henry's first experience with
artificial snow (we'll see the real stuff
in February!)!
**** ****
Posing in front of the fire truck at our
local community Christmas event.
**** ****
Our fuzzy Christmas light buddies!
**** ****
Having dim sum at our local Kim Son cafe (yummy!).
**** ****
We have a match!
Henry's new baby brother! (More to come.)
**** ****
Henry at a classmate's birthday party.
Yes, that's a wee petting zoo! Very cool!
**** ****
Another one of our many obstacle courses.
**** ****
Christmas 2013 -- "Ooooooh!"
**** ****
Henry's first Nutcracker experience.
He enjoyed rocking in his chair more than
watching the actual show!
**** ****
Ending the year at the zoo :D.