Monday, July 1, 2013

May and June 2013 Updates

Oh my goodness, it's July tomorrow! :O Where do I begin? Well, we flew to England for a short trip of 8 days to visit family and enjoyed every single minute of it (we really did). Henry remembered everyone probably because he frequently skims through his giant photo album of the entire family from our trip in 2012. He had such a blast.

With everything that's been going on recently (i.e. visiting England, showing/selling our house, mommy going out of town for a short conference trip), Henry is doing very well in the potty-training department. To be honest, we did start potty training when he was a little over 2! It hasn't been easy but Henry is finally telling us when he needs to "go pee-pee" or "go poo-poo" on the big potty! He wears undies all day long and rarely has accidents (he did have a little accident in school last week as he's still a bit shy when it comes to asking his teachers to go to the bathroom). Luckily for us, it's pretty obvious when he needs to go as he squirms--physically and vocally; he acts like he's about to burst! He is still wearing a diaper at night but I'm not sure how long it will take him to stay dry for a long period of time. I'm just happy he's using the big potty!!!

Nothing else to report, really, but Henry LOVES to sing! He alternates between "You Are My Sunshine," "ABCs," "Twinkle Twinkle," "Happy Birthday" (to himself) and "Nelly the Elephant." He will often sing to himself when he's playing with his toys or when he's waking up; he may even join in the chorus of a few popular songs when I have the radio on in the car. It's so adorable. We should probably buy him a kids' karaoke set for his birthday, lol!

Speaking of birthdays, I am currently planning Henry's third birthday party in August and I'm already stressing out about the guest list and what time of day to have the party (due to this level of stress, we've decided to skip a birthday party every other year starting next year!). I will include more details in my next post...

Okay, that's all my news for now, but here are some recent pics of Henry's adventures.

Chat soon!

Henry playing with my awesome balloon on
my second Mother's Day!
**** ****
Henry posing with Buzz and Woody at the
2013 LEGO KidsFest in Houston
(he was probably too young to attend).
**** ****
"How do I make this thing go faster?"
Henry's favorite "friend" (England).
**** ****
Waiting for our train ride at the
Pleasure Beach, Blackpool (England).
**** ****
**** ****
He went through a phase trying to pick a winner;
not so much now (The Deep, Hull, England).
**** ****
Continuing our pursuit of riding toys,
Henry was ecstatic when he spotted
Bob the Builder (Bridlington, England).
**** ****
Not so sure about Peppa Pig though
(Bridlington, England).
**** ****
I think he was doing his "crouching tiger" walk
outside of York Minster (England).
**** ****
Snacking on some cheese and onion pastie...
yummy (York, England).
**** ****
Henry adored his big cousin, Ben, and
wanted to hold his hand or hug him
whenever he saw his cousin (York, England).
**** ****
Henry's first carousel ride without
mommy or daddy! (York, England)
**** ****
Henry trying to navigate his own screen during our flight back home
on US Airways.
**** ****
Man, it was HOT on Father's Day!
I should've taken my umbrella and cooler!
**** ****
I felt so bad taking our little guy out in such brutal heat,
but he really enjoyed himself :).
**** ****
I had just returned from the HOW Creative Freelancer conference
in San Francisco with some free vendor swag, which Henry loved!
I love this guy so much!