Wednesday, May 1, 2013

End of physical therapy!

Last Monday was Henry's very last day of physical therapy :(. We have both enjoyed playing with Miss Katie since June 2012, and it was sad (for mommy) to say goodbye to this amazing "adventure land" at Texas Children's Hospital for my little boy. To prolong our visits, I even suggested teaching Henry to work on cartwheels and back-flips, but nope, he's all caught-up with his peers :).

So, Mondays may now become our "lazy day" although I've thought about hiring a young and active Mandarin teacher-play-date to come to our house to "play" with Henry. The only Mandarin he hears on a regular basis comes from the CD Bilingual Songs: English-Mandarin Chinese by Sara Jordan. We love this CD because the songs are pretty upbeat and we usually break out into a questionable salsa shimmy. Anyway, I'll do some more research and hopefully I'll find someone soon.

As you can see, it's never a dull moment with my little one (all shots taken in April). Oh my, it's already May tomorrow! See you next month.

Future basketball star??
**** ****
Henry's starting to enjoy placing stickers
on his head, forehead, cheeks and mouth!
**** ****
**** ****
"Faster, daddy, faster!" As soon as daddy walks in,
Henry wants to play, play, play and play!
**** ****
Last day with Miss Katie :(.
**** ****
Our little Fire Chief. Love him!
**** ****
Having a giggling fit and
playing "spin the ball" with daddy.
**** ****
Henry would not stop talking about
this donkey all weekend long!