Monday, April 1, 2013

Our baby growing up

Our little boy is growing up so fast and I'm trying to treasure every single moment with him. When he's in school for only two days a week, I miss him terribly and will check in on him on the webcam to make sure he's not miserable, ha! When Henry is with me, we do have a lot of fun, and right now, we are taking advantage of our beautiful March weather. Almost every day he asks to visit the park, so that's what we do most of the time. It won't be long before the scorching summer months arrive forcing us to participate in indoor activities!

Here are some snapshots for this month :D.

This was taken in February but I wanted to include Henry's first
lion dance at our annual FCC Lunar New Year dinner. He cried when
the drums started but relaxed after a few minutes into the performance.
**** ****
Another beautiful day out at Hermann Park.
**** ****
Vroom, vroom!
**** ****
Henry LOVES parks and playgrounds!
**** ****
Catching some bubbles at our art class.
**** ****
Waiting for his second 6-month dental appointment
(he was very upset shortly after this picture was taken).
**** ****
Henry's first Easter Egg Hunt party at our friend's house.
**** ****
We were feeding the birds and ducks but they freaked me out
when they surrounded us begging for more bread!
**** ****
This boy loves the carousel!
**** ****
"Faster, daddy, faster!"
(at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center).
**** ****
Racing down the slide with daddy
(yes, daddy is very competitive)!


Tony and Sue said...

He is just so STINKIN' CUTE! Love these photos!

linxx said...

Thanks, Sue!!