Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our first Gotcha Day anniversary!

Today we celebrate our first Gotcha Day or Forever Family Day! It has been ONE YEAR since we met and held our bundle of happiness. Look at the two photos below: 1) Henry at the Zhengzhou hotel (still wearing the same clothes he came in), and 2) Henry at our friends' son's birthday party last week. Hasn't he grown so much???

Our baby on 02.27.12 and 02.20.13.

I've been trying to find some time to write more about Henry as I know I've only been posting updated pics of our little guy (because it's easier and faster), so today I will focus on some of his wicked sense of humor.
  1. Henry makes fun of his mommy's silly laugh and exaggerates until we burst out laughing again.
  2. When he sees a person or animal sleeping, he makes snoring sounds.
  3. When he's in his indecisive mood, he responds to mommy's huffing and puffing by saying "Eeeeeeeee!" (in an exasperated tone). This remark is commonly used, I believe, by people from Middlesbrough (northeast of England).
  4. He likes to say "mommy off the computer" or "mommy off the phone."
  5. When he wants to watch videos of himself on my iPhone, he repeatedly uses this series of words: "I did it, mmm, monkey, weeeee," which refer to four different video clips. Five seconds later he's navigating the toddler apps in another folder.
  6. When we acknowledge something he says or recognizes, he'll confirm, "Henry's right again."
  7. At the end of the "The Three Bears" book (by Byron Barton) when Goldilocks "ran and ran as fast as she could" Henry always has to jump off the sofa and run all around our living space.
  8. One recent conversation between Henry and mommy:
    Henry: {He farts} "Excuse me. Henry toots."
    Mom: "Yes, Henry toots."
    Henry: "Daddy toots."
    Mom: "Yes, daddy toots."
    Henry: "Mommy toots."
    Mom: "Ooh no, mommy doesn't toot."
    Henry: "MOMMY TOOTS!" he cries.
    Mom: "Okay, mommy toots."
  9. He rocks his head to the beat of the music in his car seat.
  10. After every forward roll he makes, he giggles.
There are more but I've ran out of time as I hear thunderous pitter-patter upstairs! My little guy is awake from his nap....oh no, only an hour today?!

To celebrate our first Gotcha, we're heading out to a local Italian place for dinner tonight and we're giving Henry a small gift of a toddler-size Thomas the Tank Engine backpack (it's unbelievably tiny, so we can't really use it for school).

Take care for now, folks.