Friday, November 23, 2012

Our first Thanksgiving as a family: 11.22.12

Today was such a beautiful day in so many ways. My husband suggested we spend the day at the beach for Thanksgiving, so we packed up some lunch and headed over to Galveston. I'm not a fan of the sand and I didn't fancy the idea of having Galveston beach in my hair, but, man, did we have a perfect day! Gorgeous weather, quiet beach, cool sand, yummy lunch, and fun company with my hubby and baby.

It was Henry's first experience at the beach, so it was very interesting to watch him walk apprehensively on the wet was like he was walking on hot coal. His favorite part of the beach was naturally the water and he dragged daddy over to the sea about four times to get his feet—and eventually his lower body—wet. The boy loves water!! After demonstrating our lame sandcastle-building skills to our son, and over-doing the snapshots of our Thanksgiving experience, we brushed off the sand and packed up for home. We had planned on eating out for Thanksgiving dinner but we were all beat, so my husband cooked a lovely turkey-meatballs-with-pasta dish. Not quite the traditional turkey dinner, but there was nothing traditional about our day at the beach either. I will treasure this day forever: our first Thanksgiving as a family.

"Daddy, let me take care of this, okay?"
**** ****
I LOVE this picture so much
I'm going to enlarge it for our wall!
**** ****
Eating lunch and using daddy as his comfy chair
**** ****
Nibbling on sour cream and onion chip
(I just love how he holds it!)
**** ****
Probably asking for more chips here
**** ****
The little dude couldn't stop pulling my hair for this shot!
**** ****
Here it comes! Wee!!!
**** ****
Wet, wet, wet!
**** ****
The tiny size of my 20-year old beach towel
shows we are total rookies!
**** ****
A few finishing touches here and there
**** ****
Another one of my fave shots
**** ****
Henry ended up putting the "spade"
(spatula!) in his mouth!


Tony and Sue said...

Sometimes doing something UNtraditional makes the best memories! Wish we lived closer to a beach. I'm not a big fan of sand, either, but every once in a while...

Elizabeth said...

Visiting from Lisa's blog and love yours! What a great way to spend Thanksgiving! I am in Vancouver, Canada and even though our Thanksgiving is in October it is too chilly for the beach. I have a Uk connection with you, was born there and came to Canada at 15. Your little guy is sooooo cute! I love your beach photos.

linxx said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! Good luck on your wonderful journey!! :D


Misty said...

Henry looks great! I am so glad to see how well he is doing. He is still just stinkin' adorable!!!! Glad you are posting occassional updates ;-)

Misty~new mom to twin Henan boys.