Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy fate

Last Wednesday, our day started off with a bit of a kerfuffle of canceled events and failed plans. On a whim, I took Henry to the Galleria play area and recognized a lady and her two daughters from a blog I used to follow months ago (during our adoption wait). I always tell my husband that I have "super facial recognition power" (lol) but I didn't want to embarrass myself so I asked if her name was Lisa—and to be doubly sure—asked if she owned the blog Are We There Yet Len? When she said, "Yes!" I was so excited and explained that her daughter, Lucy, and my Henry were from the same orphanage!

They were in town from Chicago for a medical visit, and we had a lot to talk about, so we all had lunch together. I was just blown away at our chance meeting and couldn't stop thinking about Lisa and her girls that day. Henry and I had such a blast!

Posing for our first pic at the Galleria play area
**** ****
Enjoying some Chick-Fil-A lunch
**** ****
How adorable! Henry holding hands with the girls!
**** ****

We decided to set up another play date and met at Hermann Park's lovely playground yesterday (my "super recognition" skills went out of the window when my husband told me I'd been to this playground years ago, but I swore I've never seen it before!). I was fortunate to meet Lisa's husband and mom, and we all had a little picnic. Henry and I had so much fun, and we hope to someday meet again :).

Hanging out with our friends from Chicago
at Hermann Park
**** ****
"Dude, hurry up!"
**** ****
Enjoying a picnic in the park
**** ****
Something looks interesting?
**** ****
Lisa and me


p&k said...

Super fun--gotta love that super power! What are the chances?

Lisa said...

Still so happy we met! I hope to see you again...perhaps in Chicago?

Tony and Sue said...

Love it!

linxx said...

(Man, what happened to my responses?! Grrr.)

Thanks, guys! Yes, Lisa, hope to see you again...and maybe in Chicago next time. We have friends there as well!