Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Celebrating Henry's 2nd Birthday

I can't believe my baby is now 2 years old! Since most of our family members still hadn't met Henry, we decided to celebrate his "first" birthday with our families in the UK. We flew in two days before the 2012 Summer Olympics started so his birthday theme naturally celebrated the Olympic spirit in a summer palette of buttercup "gold," blue and green. Of course, Henry was the "World Champion Giggler"!

Our families live about a hundred miles apart so we spent the first week in Manchester, and the second week in Hull (northwest and northeast of England, respectively). We enjoyed every single minute of our trip especially seeing family fussing over our precious boy...and this little social butterfly was soaking up all the attention.

The party was a success and I hope to share more pictures from the photographer. In the meantime, here are just a small handful of my 700+ images we took during our trip.


My 6-page invitation package; a little over-the-top
but I wanted something really special!
**** ****
Our very own Baby Olympian
at Houston Airport
**** ****
Taking a nap in his temporary car seat
after an 11-hour total flight (he was
such a great passenger!)
**** ****
Playing with his new cousins
**** ****
Meeting a real cat (Simba) for the first time
**** ****
Soaking mama at the Blue Planet Aquarium!
**** ****
More splish-splashing with daddy!
**** ****
Our hotel in Hull had no bath tubs so we bought
this cute thing at a local supermarket (he LOVED it!)
**** ****
Finding ways to entertain
our bundle of energy
**** ****
Henry is beginning to throw a tantrum
because Auntie Chelly won't
take him back on the escalator
(I told you not to go near it, sis!)
**** ****
Loving the straw and water!
**** ****
Trying to play soccer with his cousins
**** ****
This little guy loves the swings!
(And, so does Henry)
**** ****
Henry: "Wanna race, cuz?"
Amelia: "You talking to me?"
**** ****
Uh-oh. After 3 rides on Thomas at the Railway Museum
in York, Henry kept crying for more!
**** ****
Expressing how he's feeling at the
Railway Museum in York (he's
probably still thinking about Thomas).
**** ****
Henry wants to be as tall
as his 2 cousins
**** ****
Strolling around the Hull Marina
**** ****
Catching some British rays (we had great weather!)
**** ****
This is the real Gold Medalist in Training!
**** ****
Giving daddy some love at Queen's Gardens in Hull
**** ****
Birthday party and Opening (Gift)
Ceremony for the two-time Gold Medalist
(not sure how his cousin's medal
ended up around his neck)
**** ****
Our beautiful birthday boy
(probably admiring the 48 balloons
mama ordered for the party)
**** ****
Pooped. We had to purchase another bag
for all those birthday gifts!
**** ****
Celebrating his actual birthday
the day after the party
**** ****
Sharing a joke or two with his last cousin of the trip
**** ****
Back at home and acting goofy
(he actually placed the hat on his head!)


Anonymous said...

Awwwww. Loving all the photos Lin. He enjoyed every minute. Missing you all already :( Big shell

Tony and Sue said...

Love his smile and his CHEEKS! Glad you all had a great time!


linxx said...

Awww, Shell, missing you as well :(. Wish we could go to York every weekend :). xxx

Thanks, Sue! :D

Tasha said...

LOVE all of these pictures! He looks like he had a blast, and I just love his birthday theme! So cute :)


P.S. Happy belated birthday Henry!