Sunday, March 4, 2012

Venturing out to the Carrefour

After feeding Henry his crushed tablet with the Mucosolvan this morning (Sun. 03.04.12), he coughed and threw it up again. We decided not to join the rest of the group for the optional City Tour (Buddhist Temple, Old Chen House, and Guangdong Art & Craft Shopping Center). Instead, we took a taxi to Carrefour, which was like a small Wal-Mart (our guide wrote down the name in Chinese but one of the bell hops just told the driver where to go). We took our time looking around and bought a few things for Henry. We decided to check out the department store next door but we saw nothing. The kids' clothing was on the fifth floor but it was all high-end boutique pricing. Aside from Dave meeting our guide with the group to prepare paperwork for our Consulate Appointment tomorrow, we stayed in the room to get Henry back on his schedule and back to good health.

We've really seen Henry come out of his shell. He laughs easily at our silly gestures and clowning around, but he's also discovered the art of whining and crying...and, of course, throwing stuff on the floor to be picked up multiple times.

Tomorrow (Mon. 03.05.12), we're heading over to the US Consulate to take the oath and to be "interviewed" as part of Henry's visa process (the US Consulate will be moving to a new building in 2013). On Tuesday, we will receive Henry's US visa, and on Wednesday morning, we'll be leaving Guangzhou for Hong Kong. We will be taking the train and hoping to travel smoothly to the Butterfly Hotel in Hong Kong for a few more days (it was a good idea at the time; we are soooo ready to go home!).

Carrefour store
**** ****
David Beckham endorsing something?!
**** ****
L-R: fruit drinks for Henry (diluted with warm water);
strawberry-flavored Monmilk for lunch; and baby food
**** ****
Formula from orphanage (left), and formula we bought
today (right) but one family gave us their formula so
we won't need the new one now
**** ****
Our kids seem to love this stuff
(finger snacks)! Take this picture
with you if you run out of snacks! :)
**** ****
Taken a few days ago, my friend sent this handsome
sweater especially made for Prince Henry :)
**** ****
Henry does not like hats (yet)


Team Robichaux said...

Aww! He looks so sweet in his sweater! LOL I love the picture of him in the hat! haha Too cute! I hope he starts feeling better soon. Not long left until you get to go HOME!! So excited for you guys!!


hcobb said...

Bummer to read Prince Henry is under the weather but great that the examiners caught it. You're experiencing quite the crash course of parenting fun (planes, cars, diapers, food, tantrums, illness, etc.) and you're doing a great job. In fact, being back in the states and home may bore all of you! HA!

Happy birthday to Dave!