Sunday, March 4, 2012

Medical Exam + Happy Birthday to New Dad!

It was Dave's birthday on Saturday (03.03.12). He loved his birthday card from his new son, which I had customized at (Henry scribbled a little something on his dad's card last night). We were running late and had only 20 minutes for breakfast and to hand over our large bag of laundry before heading over to the medical clinic for Henry's visa photo and his medical examination. This medical clinic is a brand new facility and our group was the first for our agency to set foot in the clinic so we were to expect a little chaos and confusion.

On the fifth floor, I lined up with Henry in my arms while waiting for his visa picture to be taken. If I had realized it would take quite awhile, I would have asked Dave to queue up with Henry (our little guy weighs about 21 lbs)! Of course, by the time we put Henry in the high chair for his photo, he decided not to cooperate and kept leaning to one side to let me know he was about to cry (he's getting quite good at this). Eventually, I had to lift him up in the air while the photographer took several shots of him and making sure he was facing forward showing both ears! No wonder it took so long!!

We went back to the sixth floor and joined Dave and the others in the crowded waiting area. Dave filled out some forms and we had to check into three "stations" for: 1) Henry's body weight, height and temperature; 2) a general medical check-up, and 3) a quick ENT (ear, nose and throat). It was during the general medical exam when the doctor diagnosed Henry with bronchitis :(. Our little guy has been congested and coughing occasionally but so did the rest of the children in our group so we thought this was normal. Our guide, Jason, searched for the chief doctor to have him write a prescription for us.

Jason brought us Henry's medication, which included Zithromax (antibiotics), Mucossolvan, and Prednisone Acetate tablets (only 94 RMB or $15!). We were surprised at the number of medication we had to give Henry, but we obviously want our little man to recover quickly before his first long trip to the US! Jason also arranged for the hotel to deliver a birthday cake for Dave -- so sweet!!!

In the evening (okay, more like 5pm since we now have children in our little gang!), our group walked over to the Macao Street restaurant for some yummy dinner. The weather here is much warmer than in Zhengzhou. We haven't worn our jackets yet but I keep Henry's jacket and blanket nearby to ward off the "clothes police"!

New medical clinic
**** ****
Waiting for general check-up and ENT
**** ****
Henry and dad
**** ****
Birthday cake from China Hotel :)


Team Robichaux said...

Poor Henry! I hope he feels better soon! Happy birthday Dave!! That is a pretty sweet looking cake :)


Tony and Sue said...

Wow! Looks like a nice (clean) medical clinic!