Sunday, March 4, 2012

Leaving Zhengzhou for Guangzhou

On Friday (03.02.12) we were given Henry's passport in the morning, and we were so happy with Henry's little passport photo! He looks so cute but we don't know when they took the photo (looks pretty recent). While we were packing for Guangzhou, my cousin and her friend Lily paid us a quick visit. Our group left around 2pm for the airport. During take-off, we were anticipating Henry's reaction and keeping him busy, but he was totally oblivious. When we landed -- about an hour and a half later -- Henry decided to join in the chorus of crying babies. I'm pretty sure it was the worst flight ever for most of the passengers on that flight!

We were greeted by our reps, Maggie and Jason, and I remember Jason talking on the bus on our way to the hotel but I was shattered. Thank goodness Dave was paying attention! We checked in at the China Hotel around 8pm and Henry decided to go to sleep around 10pm!!

Although I was like a walking zombie, I did notice the elegance and size of the hotel (it's like a maze), the contemporary and timeless feel of the room, and the amazing overhead shower. A crib was left in our room with a small complimentary basket for the baby. :D

Spacious room
**** ****
Love the back wall. You can close the motorized blinds
as you can see straight into the toilet from the bedroom!
**** ****
Love the shower! Notice Henry's
duck bath tub?! :)

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