Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Home with our boy!

I am happy to report that Henry has settled in very well. Let me first share that we were very happy with our decision to purchase a seat for our little guy. He loved sitting in the seat by himself and playing with a few toys or with the entertainment control buttons. Although Henry napped for an hour on the 4-hour flight to Tokyo and only 3 hours towards the end of our long flight to Houston, he was able to sleep comfortably on his back with his legs over my lap. We also had extra leg room for our hand luggage, which was a plus. The few times he cried were when he was hungry or thirsty or wanted to stand in front of his seat, but overall it went quite well...except we didn't get much sleep ourselves. We were just exhausted.

I don't remember much of yesterday but our Shih-Tzu, Monty, is starting to warm up to Henry. Our little guy has probably never seen a dog in his life so he whined a bit and held onto me when he first met Monty. Now he's learning to pet Monty "gently" and allowing him to kiss his hand. We hope they will become the best of friends.

Today I felt pretty awful. My ticklish cough from Guangzhou turned into a full-blown cold and after lunch I decided to take another dose of NyQuil (the first one I took before bed last night). Well, what a huge mistake! A few hours later I could barely keep my eyes open so I texted my husband to ask if he could come home early. I even put my little boy in his crib for his safety while I laid on the nursery floor to rest my eyes for a few minutes. My little man was not happy so I let him join me on the floor and play with some toys while I watched over him with one eye. Thank goodness my husband came home early because as soon as he took care of Henry I headed straight for my bedroom and didn't come out until almost two hours later! Never again will I take NyQuil during the day -- all I read was "alcohol free" and not the small print "may cause marked drowsiness" and it didn't help that I have jetlag as well (btw, I did not experience the drowsy feeling last night when I needed it!). I will stick with DayQuil during the day from now on!!

Well, I had better get myself ready for bed as the little guy may wake up at midnight and again around 3am. When I go into his room to tell him it's okay, he tends to fall back to sleep but when he sees me walking away, he cries. When he's wide awake we both lay on his bedroom floor over a thick quilt, so for the last couple of nights I've slept on the nursery floor for an hour or so to help him go back to sleep (I don't have the energy to stand over his crib to wait for him to go to sleep). I've heard of moms who have moved the crib to the master bedroom or who have set up another mattress in the nursery so I hope this will work for the time being.

Looking forward to meeting with the doctors at the local International Adoption division of the Texas Children's hospital hopefully next week.

Seat padded with pillows for
side-ways tantrums
**** ****
Napping on Tokyo flight
**** ****
**** ****
Play time with daddy


juli said...

Yay for being home! We have a blow up mattress on our floor and Caleb is waking up 3-4x a night crying :( I have to go down and tell him it's ok and he goes back to sleep. Hoping we both get to sleep through the night in the next couple weeks. love the pictures!!

Team Robichaux said...

I am happy you guys had a safe and good trip. I'm sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon! I tried Emergen-C last time I was sick, and it helped tons!! Once again, I love the pictures! The padding for sideways tantrums looked as if it doubled for quick naps too :)


Tony and Sue said...

Welcome home! So sorry you are sick. We had antibiotics with us in China so we have them now in case we get sick. Tony is taking his now but I got away with a short bout of sinus "something". Get well soon!


Anonymous said...

Henry is so cute!!!! ESP LOve the picture of Monty face off! Call me if u need anything! Cher

Anne Pitts said...

with John I didn't sleep in his room, just set Disney music to play really low and made sure there was some light so the dark wouldn't overwhelm him. Tried rocking him, but he didn't dig it much.
He did suffer what I called night terrors, and I had to wake him with a quick blast from a soft shower to do it. Ah, the joys of parenthood - early bedtimes and light sleeping.