Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finally leaving Asia!

Well, tonight (Sat. 03.10.12) is our last night in Hong Kong after a four-day trip extension since leaving Guangzhou on Wednesday. Most of the families from our adoption group are already home on US soil so we are looking forward to going home with our little boy and introducing him to his new house-pet, Monty. We have enjoyed every moment of our China trip as well as our short stay in Hong Kong with family, but we are very READY to go home! :)

Early tomorrow, we are taking a taxi all the way to the airport, which should take roughly 30 minutes. We thought about taking the train to the airport but we've already done that from Guangzhou to Hong Kong, which was pretty straight-forward (our guide had a porter take us to the railway station and check in our luggage!). We are slightly nervous about the second-leg of our flight from Tokyo to Houston as it will be a 12-hour flight and we're worried about Henry making his debut screaming performance. Our little guy has been sleeping really well for the last few nights and banking 10 hours of sleep without a murmur in the middle of the night -- wouldn't it be fabulous if he sleeps 10 hours out of the 12-hour flight? Wish us luck!! :D

Thank you to those who have followed us and commented on our posts; it has been quite a blast. If time permits, I will probably blog every so often to post updates on our little fella.

As always, here are some photos. Take care for now...

Our happy chappy waiting for breakfast
at the fabulous China Hotel
**** ****
Clearly no trumpet-playing at the local park
in Guangzhou
**** ****
Very cool outdoor "24-hour" fitness area at the park
**** ****
The Hulk usually comes out after 45 minutes
in the stroller
**** ****
Family photo day on the stairs of China Hotel
**** ****
First day in Hong Kong (Butterfly on Prat Hotel)
**** ****
"I just wanna play!"
**** ****
Henry with his grandparents
**** ****
A much happier Henry with his Auntie Michelle
and great-cousin Jo (Auntie Lisa is hiding)
**** ****
Jealous of my boy's eye lashes
**** ****
Henry with his 88-year old great-grandmother


juli said...

That is so awesome that he met his great-grandmother. The picture is priceless. Praying for a great trip home!!

Tony and Sue said...

So glad you got to spend time with family in Hong Kong and introduce Henry to them? How wonderful to have a picture with great grandmother!

Really, though, you don't want him to sleep most of the long flight because then no one will sleep the night you get home!

Great family picture on the steps! Very happy family! Dawson also has long eyelashes and many teeth!

Can't wait to hear how your flights went!


Team Robichaux said...

LOVE these pictures! Hope you guys had a wonderful flight home... we were praying for you! How awesome to be able to visit family :)


hcobb said...

Yipppeeeeeeeeee!! Would love to hear how the flight went. We're just up the road if ever you need anything Hoffman family!