Saturday, March 31, 2012

End of March update

We've been home three weeks and we've already visited a sick doctor, a pediatrician, and an international adoptions pediatrician (as well as a visit by our social worker for our first post-adoption meeting). Henry is in good health and has a great appetite but he still has a lot of catching-up to do. I've been trying to come up with a variety simple kids' meals and creative activities (thanks to my RQ cyber buddies!) and... so far so good.

It was a little traumatic for the three of us today at the international adoptions clinic. We spent at least 4 hours at the hospital and everything was going well until we visited the lab for Henry's blood work. This was required to make sure our little boy is immune to the vaccinations he was given in China. The nurse's first attempt at drawing blood failed as she "blew a vein" on our buddy's little arm. I was in tears at this point as it was heartbreaking to watch Henry kicking and screaming on the bed (I've had my fair share of blood work and it's an unpleasant experience even for an adult let alone a small child). For the second attempt, there were four of us holding down our little boy and the nurse managed to draw only two (of four) vials of blood. :( My husband told her to stop and we explained we'd return another day. Henry was traumatized and I just wanted to take my boy home. If the pediatrician agrees, I'd rather them redo some of the vaccinations instead of reliving this trauma all over again! We'll see...poor little guy may wake up with night terrors tonight :(.

Anyway, here are some photos of Henry. We DO go out but I keep forgetting to take photos! (And, he's taken a liking to everyone who has met him so far!!! He sure is a ladies' man!)

Henry's new ride (only $79!) with Monty
**** ****
A spot of fencing, anyone?
**** ****
I love my choo-choo train!
**** ****
Another object heading in Henry's mouth
**** ****
Loving his plastic bottles
**** ****
Watch me put this in my mouth, mama!
(Visiting Miss Alice)
**** ****
Plastic, plastic, plastic (and, paper)!
**** ****
I need more plastic!
**** ****
Monty: "You still here, dude?"
**** ****
Just wanna be like his cousin singer Daley


Tony and Sue said...

I LOVE these pictures! Kinda what we're going through with everything going into the mouth! Does he suck his thumb, too?

I was the only one holding Dawson down for his blood draw. Very exhausting for me but after blowing the vein on the first arm, we had to turn around and use the other arm for the last 2 vials. He probably doesn't even remember it now but he was NOT happy at the time!

We really need to get together with all 4 boys/families someday after the other 2 come home! Do I hear "road trip!"?


Team Robichaux said...

Aww, poor little guy :( I am so sorry his bloodwork was traumatic. His pictures are darling! I love how everything goes into his mouth. ;)

I second the getting together with all of the boys...Hopefully our little guy comes home soon.


Chelle said...

Awwwwwww and more awwwwwwes, just been looking at your new photos (via laptop so it's better) with our Martin and I love how Monty poses in each pic!! Henry is becoming one cool dude :) XX