Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Two days to go and still packing!

I want to say that our last weekend together as a couple was very romantic but it wasn't -- lol! I was pretty stressed out with all of the last-minute purchases and making sure we have all of the required documents to take with us to China. We will still have one more weekend together pre-baby in Beijing, China so I guess you can't get anymore romantic than that! :)

Today, I will attempt to finish off my final last-minute purchases. One mom on RQ mentioned taking a large-size Tupperware container to wash bottles, nipples, sippy cups, etc., inside of it (and not directly in the hotel sink), and it can also be used to keep all the more fragile items such as snacks, soft plastic pureed baby food, glass bottles of medicine, etc., so I think I'll get one today while I run a few more errands.

In the meantime, I will share with you my packing bits and pieces. (Btw, I'm not taking ALL of the baby clothes you see here; I still can't decide...and I haven't even packed all of my own clothes yet -- yikes.) I will also include my packing list when it has been updated.


Nursery / Packing Headquarters
(notice the Prince Henry sweater from
my sweet friend, T!)
**** **** 
Mini bottles of everything (my husband didn't want to
share my cucumber-and-green-tea-scented body wash
so he now has his own "manly body wash")
**** **** 
This make-up bag was a Clinique Bonus Time gift from
years ago, which has become my new medical bag!
**** **** 
Thought this would be a cool idea to use a laundry bag
for all of our little fella's soft (and lightweight!) toys
**** **** 
Auntie Debbie-G bought this cool bag for Henry's
bathroom toys but I'm going to hook it around our
serving trays on the plane ride home for H's toys


d e e said...

I can't believe how excited I am for you guys, lol. Praying for a safe trip!

Ann.F said...

I do believe you won't use have of what you take haha. Safe travels, and lots of love.x

hcobb said...

I'll send you a photo of our first trip when Ethan was a few months old - we drove to Arkansas. Cannot believe how much crap a kid requires. Haha!

Team Robichaux said...

Aww! I am using some of these ideas when we go :) Beijing should be plenty romantic... have fun!