Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Paperwork and shopping day in Zhengzhou

Our first night with Henry went very well. He only whined a little around 1am and I thought he was dreaming. When he continued to whine, I checked on him and realized he was probably freezing cold as our room was chilly! If you're coming to China in the winter, invest in several fleece-type pajama onesies if you don't want to use a blanket. On the other hand, a couple of other families told us that their rooms were so warm that they had to open their window, so you may want to also purchase some regular pajamas as well.

It was a long day today but I'll keep it brief: after breakfast our group returned to the registration office to pick up our official adoption certificate, so we are now officially Henry's parents! \o/ We paid our fee, handed over one gift, and took informal photos. After that, our bus took us to the Notary Office. We provided our passports with our new adoption certificate so they could make copies; we signed some forms, and left another gift. I think we were supposed to be "interviewed" but I don't remember why this didn't happen.

After a spot of take-out lunch in our room, we all took a nap before heading out to the Lotus Center for a bit of shopping with the group. This was an optional event so we had to pay the driver 43 yuan or $7 per adult. It was Henry's first experience with the stroller and he seemed to tolerate it for the most part. We only had time to wander around the department store where they sold baby items on the third floor and food on the second floor.

We didn't buy a lot but everything we picked up probably could have been purchased at the Wal-Mart (maybe cheaper?). My goal was to purchase more onesies and warmer PJs for Henry and maybe additional outfits for him but we didn't succeed in this department. Almost all of the onesies offered were split-pant types (large gaping hole in the crotch area) and they were also mainly for toddlers. It is probably wise to buy a bunch of cheap to reasonable onesies to last until you arrive in Guangzhou because I think they're hard to find here (not that I've had time to search high and low for them). You could hand-wash them in the summer or we could have them washed or drycleaned in the winter but I think it would have been easier if we had brought over more than enough (and perhaps trash the ones you don't want to keep due to diaper explosions).

A couple of small items that I wish I had brought with us are plastic utensils to cut or "mash up" fruits for Henry in our hotel room, and a couple of collapsible containers as I like to keep things organized (the shoe box sized container would have been perfect but it took up too much room in my suitcase). I'm sure there are other items but I can't think right now.

Tomorrow, our new family will be making an orphanage visit to the Xuchang SWI. It's not cheap but it's important to me (and I think for Henry, too, when he's old enough to understand). Can't wait to say hello to my friends' little munchkins!!

Here are pictures taken with my point-and-shoot camera.

Best buddies at the Registration Office
**** ****
In front of the popular red wall
**** ****
I took a photo of the formula to show the
store assistant what I needed. I also took
a sample diaper with me but ended up
purchasing Pampers, anyway.


Team Robichaux said...

Oh those are some sweet sweet smiles you are receiving from Henry! He is such a doll!! So glad to read everything is going well. Thank you, in advance, for saying hello to my little munchkin!



HouseofShaw said...

Wow! That first photo you posted of the Hoffman boys is just tooo precious. Makes me want to pinch Dave's cheeks too!! Thanks for the update L and sharing your joy and wonderful journey with us!

Paige said...

your posts just make me smile. I am following you from RQ, I leave next week for my Janie. So happy for your family. Henry is so very precious!!! Congratulations!!!