Friday, February 17, 2012

Last two weeks at the orphanage

Henry (18 mos) with lots of fluffy hair!
**** ****
Henry with his buddy, Lee
**** ****
Henry trying to "show some leg"
while Lee is taking all the limelight :)

I received a lovely surprise early this morning: several pictures of Henry back at the Xuchang SWI! Our little boy was staying at the therapy center in Kaifeng for a few months but no one could tell us when he was returning to Xuchang so this was such an amazing surprise! My friend, Sue, is currently in China and met her little boy only a few days ago (I was all teary-eyed reading her blog). The family had a chance to visit the orphanage so they took some photos of our kids -- thank you so much, Sue! Lee's mom and I are already friends so we were thrilled to learn that our boys are temporary "crib buddies." :) Awwww.

Super busy today! I walked into Babies R Us with a plan to buy only a high chair but came out not only with a snazzy high chair but also a bunch of plastic toys for the orphanage, extra crib mattress covers, lightweight hooded bath towels, some baby-proofing items, and some weird-looking pureed food. At Target, I bought a lovely scarf to go with the two neck ties as gifts for the officials and directors....but I've just realized I need a total of 6 (not 3!) non-monetary gifts plus 3 cash gifts in red envelopes. No worries, I have other ideas: pen gift box, American-made candy, and maybe a Texas T-shirt! :) Oh, and my new green suitcase arrived today! Although it stinks of moth balls, it's perfect!! Proper packing this weekend!

Tomorrow, we should receive our Final Travel Packet in the morning, so we should finally see our full travel itinerary! Then, we're having more passport photos taken and returning home for our "final travel conference call" with our agency and other families in our group. So exciting!

I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow! I'm feeling a little bit of eeeeek and a little bit of arrrrrrghghggh!


juli said...

Oh love the idea of a scarf and tie.....might need to make a run tonight!!! Can not believe we are leaving in 5 days!!!! Happy Packing :)

Nancy said...

Oh his hair is making me cry. It's so so adorable! And not that it's not lovely gorgeous hair, but EVERYTHING is making me cry these days! I figured you'd understand.
Soon. We're almost there.

Lynette said...

**SQEAL** you will be kissing those cheeks soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

hcobb said...

<3 He's absolutely adorable!!