Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Final post: leaving in a few hours!

Okay, a little random here because I'm tired and it's past midnight (CST) and I'll be up at 4am :O. We officially finished packing late this afternoon and were ready to take the dog to our friends' house except we had a wee accident with our garage door. Let's just say some of the rollers came off track and our garage door was stuck asymmetrically. I was just afraid the whole thing would collapse on us while we were trying to fix it. We probably soiled our pants a little here.

Luckily we were able to drive my car out (plus dog) and I headed over to our friends' house while the hubby started to make phone calls for an emergency visit. It was almost 5:30pm! Why now, why today?? We got a lucky break as a couple of guys were able to visit us a few hours later and fixed it within 30 minutes and informed us that we didn't require a garage door replacement! Phew! The repair was another expense we did not want to fork out (remember my husband's car shifter replacement just the other day?) but it had to be done.

Below are some random pictures. As promised, the Packing List is also included for download as well. Thanks to all the BTDT moms and dads, I had compiled one list that was generated and consolidated by many within the last few months. I'm not a huge fan of MS Word but feel free to download and customize the list yourself (in table-format...and the ones I crossed off I felt were unnecessary).

Goodnight {yawn}.

Just managed to squeeze in 44 lbs
each of the two large suitcases!
**** **** 
Packing List (page 1)
**** ****
Packing List (page 2)
 **** ****
We'll be here ♥ on Sunday!Cute poster from Zulily; frame + mat board
from Hobby Lobby (frame 50% off!)


Anonymous said...

OMG omg I can't believe you are finally on your way!! Please keep us updated Lin. I have butterflies for you both. Wish wish we was going to meet him like the others :(. Bet you are so excited! Cant imagine what you must be feeling like. Have a safe journey. Love you both lots big Shell xxxxxxx

hcobb said...

I'm impressed on the luggage! Safe travels!!

Jennifer said...

Yay!!! Prayers for safe travels!!! Thanks for the packing list...downloading that now! :)

Tara and Julian said...

That is actually not too bad as far as the number of suitcases! I sure hope all of ours fits nicely too- it still looks like a disaster! Thinking of you a lot today friend while I scramble around doing last minutes bank wires, CPA appointments and Target runs. I hope your trip is going well so far and update us asap!

:) Tara

Team Robichaux said...

Yay!!! Have a fun and safe trip!!
I will download the list and start making a game plan :)


Anonymous said...

So excited for you two!! Can't wait to see pictures of your little bundle of gold!! Totally impressed with your packing list!
Lots of love
Ah Yee