Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Updates on our Little Dumpling

17 months
**** ****
17 months
 **** ****
17 months

Oh my goodness, look at our little man here (LOVE the one of him laughing)! He has hair, HAIR!, 15 teeth, and he is one chunky little monkey (well, he is wearing about 7 layers of clothes underneath...Tigger dungarees, I believe?)! When I woke up to find an email from LadybugsNLove, I was ecstatic and teary-eyed. We haven't received any proper updates since October so the first thing I noticed about Henry was his hair! Then I spotted the toys that WE sent him, and he was clearly looking at his mamma's picture on his little photo album :D!

Included with the update, we've learned that Henry is "doing great and very healthy!" He is still staying at the therapy center in Kaifeng but they're not sure when he will leave the center. Just super happy to hear he's doing very well and growing nicely (according to his new measurements).

Fingers crossed for our Article 5 tomorrow! Okay, back to emptying my Babies R Us shopping bags! Happy-happy!


Chellybelly said...

Oh my he is such a little character, I agree that pic of him laughing is gorgeous and lots of lovely hair! :-D Glad to hear he's doing well and can't wait to give him a big squeezy hug and kiss. Lol he is extremely layered up but still a cutie and he's playing with your panda toy aw! x x

Tony and Sue said...



Anonymous said...

Awwww he is really coming on Lin. All that hair too! He is our little adorable nephew. Hurry hurry paperwork it feels like it's taking forever xxx Big Shell

Team Robichaux said...

He is so CUTE!!! Oh my, look at those smiles!! So happy for you!


linxx said...

Thank you, everyone!!!

Tara and Julian said...

Beautiful Linda!

Anonymous said...

Btw jase says that he thinks the reason why they put loads of layers on little Henry is that they maybe no heating on at the place he is at and is at the moment very cold in China.

Hope my other comment saved. Not having much joy using this blog. Xxxxx