Saturday, December 24, 2011

Our Christmas Present: I-800 Approval!!!

(No, the approval didn't come in this
pretty gift bag from my sister, Michelle!)

Yippee!! I'm so happy to report that our I-800 has been approved! Our officer confirmed by email that it was issued yesterday on 12/22! The next steps can be pretty confusing so here's a quick outline of the process (thanks to Courtney's China Adoption Online site [2014 update: this site no longer exists]):

Once our approval reaches the National Visa Center (NVC), our information will be entered into their computer system. Within a couple of business days, the NVC will email our file -- also referred to as "cable" -- to the US Embassy in Guangzhou, China. This will be the approval of our visa petition. NVC will then send us a letter by mail stating that our petition has been forwarded to the Embassy. This letter is very important as the agency needs it to proceed with our adoption. Since this letter may take several weeks to arrive by mail, it is best to request the NVC to email the PDF version of the letter. So, here are MY next steps:
  1. Now that I know that our I-800 was approved or issued on 12/22, I wait about a week from our I-800 approval date to give enough time for the approval to reach the NVC by mail.
  2. I'll give myself an exact week, so on 12/29 I will email NVC to find out if we've been entered into the system and if we are, to please email me the PDF of the NVC letter. If we're not in the system, I'll email them again after the New Year on the 3rd (they will be closed on January 2nd).
  3. If we are in their system but haven't been "cabled" yet, NVC will reply to my email to let me know that we will be "cabled" shortly; they will also include our "GUZ#" assigned to our case. I will wait 1-2 days and then send another email to NVC with my new GUZ# to request the PDF letter.
  4. Once I receive the PDF of the NVC letter, I will forward it to my agency so they can begin processing our "Article 5" (I will explain this part when the time comes!). The printed NVC letter will arrive shortly after that but I'll just file that away.
Anyway, I hope this made sense :)!

One step closer to baby boy.... Merry Christmas, everyone!


Tony and Sue said...

It really doesn't take too long to get the NVC letter. I was given the same email, wait, email again instructions by our agency. I never got around to emailing them and then all of a sudden it was here!

You are almost caught up to us! With the Chinese New Year wait, we COULD travel at the same time! Wouldn't it be cool to go visit the orphanage together?

Merry Christmas!

Team Robichaux said...

Congratulations!! I just tried to wrap my brain around all of that, and I couldn't. Heaven help me when it's my turn. I am having enough trouble with just the 797 as it is. Congratulations once again!! SO excited for you :)

Merry Christmas!!

Chellybelly said...

Brilliant xmas present news n great giftbag ;-)!!! Thinking happy wishes for you both from all the family XX

linxx said...

Thanks, ladies!

Sue: yes, it would be great to travel at the same time and visit the orphanage together! That would be sooo exciting!

Tasha: lol - I was the same a few weeks ago! Everything I read on RQ about after receiving I-800 I had copied and pasted into a folder! It was when I read Courtney's site which made more sense because she explains the how and why! I know it will come to you when it's your turn and I will help, of course! :)

Chelle: love the gift bag design! Chat/Skype tomorrow! xx

Merry Christmas!!

Tara Monks said...

Yea!! So exciting! We are just a few days before you- we received our 800 on the 16th and still waiting for the NVC. :)

linxx said...

Yay - I'm so excited for you, too! I just can't wait for us all to get our TAs! Arghghggh!

Lynette said...

Hi. Found your site while popping around the internet. So happy for your Christmas present :) Our 797 came in the mail just the other day, and we are sending it off for certification. We are not DTC yet, and I am simply estimating that we will be sending our Dossier to China in late January or even February, but we were matched early, so we have known who our little girl is since September 30th! Sounds like you are much further along and almost traveling though? Blessings!! Hope you get to travel VERY soon. I look forward to now reading more on your blog, now that I have landed here. :)

linxx said...

Thanks, Lynette! Congrats on your referral -- your little girl is so adorable! Good luck with your paperwork and you'll be there before you know it :). Yes, we think we'll be traveling in March! :)