Friday, December 9, 2011

Latest Henry sighting during a family's visit!

16 months

I received an email from an adoptive parent asking if I had seen the photos posted by another family who is currently visiting China to pick up their daughter. There were 100 beautiful photos and although I immediately recognized Henry on three of them, I wasn't 100% sure! The little guy had the same shape head, the same hairline, the same ears, nose and mouth as Henry but was he MY Henry? I sent the images to my husband and within 10 minutes he replied, "No doubt about it....that's my son right there!!!!" :) I was so happy!

Super happy because now we have proof that our little boy is back in Xuchang! One minute, we're told Henry has moved to the Kaifeng orphanage, then we're told he's at the local hospital in Kaifeng (but he's still under the guardianship of Xuchang), and here he is, having a chin-wag and a little snivel :( with his buddies in Xuchang! Thank you, KG!

Still no news about our I-800A and still no officer assigned to our application. Will be sending another email on Monday -- day 76.


Team Robichaux said...

Love these photos! When I went through the pictures, I thought that I recognized Henry, but I didn't realize it was him LOL It's so funny that you emailed your husband to be sure it was Henry, because I did the same thing with our Lee! I emailed his photos to my husband as well. I am so glad to see that he is back at Xuchang. He must be doing well if they sent him back :)

linxx said...

Ha - that's funny! Well, I think if my husband did the same thing by reviewing dozens of photos on that album, he may get confused, too! :)

Yes, very happy to see my little boy back in Xuchang and I've already emailed my agency to give them an update (shouldn't it be the other way around?!) :).


hcobb said...

<3 Still adorable! <3