Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sent Care Package #2 while waiting for I-800A Approval

care package #2

Today is the last day of November and we're on day 64 of waiting for the I-800A Approval. Some of the girls on RQ have been told by different USCIS officers that the current wait is around 75 days but it could also go up to the "full 90 days" -- please, NO!! :O Two or three of the girls on the latest "Waiting for I-800A" chart have recently received their approvals (not updated on the chart yet) so I'm planning on emailing the NBC (National Benefits Center) on Tuesday: day 70! Fingers and limbs crossed, please!!

Anyway, I've just mailed Henry another care package. I'm still not sure if his first package was given to him during his transition from Xuchang to Kaifeng so this one is a back-up! Contents include: Sassy's kid-friendly photo album (holds 4 photos), winter outfit, blanket, another disposable camera (in case the first one was left at Xuchang SWI), and two soft toys. The Baby Einstein's panda toy is hilarious; it plays 3 very short melodies, which include an Asian-themed tune! Ha! :)

I also ordered an "orphanage donation" of hats, gloves, books, and cookies for the nannies via Red Thread China but told Ann it was fine to wait until end of next week to request my son's updates as Henry will be 16 months old on Monday :(. I had received the last set of updates in October so I don't really need new measurements but because I have a couple of health/medical questions, I decided to go ahead with it.

Waiting (obsessively)...


hcobb said...

We're thinking of all of you! xo

linxx said...

Thank you, Mamma Cobb! xx

Tara Anderson said...

I saw on the RQ chat forum that your son is from Kaifeng, and I had to stop by your blog! I just came home a year ago with a little boy from Kaifeng myself! And we also used CCAI. :)

Your son is adorable!!! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me! My info is all listed on my blog profile!

From one Texas gal to another,

linxx said...

Thank you so much, Tara! I've just checked out your blog and you have such a beautiful family!!

The Kaifeng Yahoo Group is very quiet at the moment so I may end up contacting you :). Thanks, again!