Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Receipt Notice for I-800A

My main goal today was to return our signed LOA package to our agency by Express Mail so they can send it back to CCCWA. The agency also requested that we send them our completed I-800 and I-864W forms so they can send them off to USCIS once we receive our Approval Notice. Thanks to China Adoption Online, I managed to fill out most of the USCIS forms by myself. When I finally received detailed instructions from the agency, I corrected a couple of sections, drove to my husband's work to get one more signature, made copies of everything (double-sided, of course), and mailed out the package. Oh, and we included in the package a set of agency release forms signed and notarized to get a head-start on our next set of checklist documents! Phew!

I was also relieved to receive our receipt Notice from the USCIS to confirm that our I-800A application has been received and is in process. We now have to wait for our biometrics (fingerprinting) appointment but as soon as the Appointment Notice arrives, we're going to try to walk in early (probably at the Sugar Land location). I've heard mixed responses on my Yahoo Groups: some say it doesn't make a difference, and others say it does! We're going to give it a shot because we can't file for our I-800 until we receive the Approval Notice. We'll just take our books or magazines as they don't allow you to enter their building with any electronic devices!

Anyway, I haven't found any comments on whether or not it's "slightly faster" when refiling the I-800A the second time around since we've filed once before and have account numbers with USCIS. I just hope it's not going to be a huge delay. :(


Team Robichaux said...

Congratulations on your receipt notice!
What form was your receipt notice given as? i.e. Was it in email, or by mail? I am a little concerned that we haven't received ours yet. I am a bit further away than you are from USCIS headquarters, but not much further (Louisiana)


linxx said...

Thanks, Tasha! We received one of those "I-797C, Notice of Action" forms in the mail. According to the form, they received it on 09/27 and the Notice Date was 09/29, and in the body they basically said our "above application [I-800A] has been received by our office and is in process."

I'm actually surprised they even sent this receipt Notice because I never filled in one of those G-1145 E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance forms (I did include one with the I-800 application though!). Maybe it's just standard? Maybe you'll receive your receipt notice any day now?

Keeping my fingers crossed for you, and for both of our I-800As!


Team Robichaux said...

Thanks Linda! I will be waiting by the mailbox when our mail lady comes today. ;)

Same here regarding those I-800As! Hopefully we get the 797s in record time!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Coming over from RQ (hopingfor08), but I am so sorry you have your LOA and are having to wait on your I800a. Is it just a renewal?

Can you not send in your I800 while you wait for your new I800a? Just a thought. Not sure if it is possible, but I would be going crazy.

It might not hurt to ask pretty please. Probably not possible, but since you had an I800a that lapsed and wasn't used ... maybe.

At any rate, your little man is so adorable and congrats on the LOA! Once huge step DONE!

linxx said...

Hey hopingfor08! When we were on the NSN route, we thought, "why keep paying and renewing this I-800A every year if we have to wait 5+ years?" so we let it lapse at the end of July! A few weeks later we decided to switch to the WCP and then we found our little man -- can you believe it?!

So, yes it drives me crazy that we have to take a step back in our current process! 8O However, our completed I-800 is currently with our agency and they will forward the entire package for us once we get our Approval.

We're just keeping our fingers crossed for a "slightly faster" Approval process (and not the 60+ day wait) since we've already filed once before. Last year it took 45 days so we'll see what happens!

Thank you for stopping by and for the encouragement!! :D