Monday, October 10, 2011

Project nesting

We started "nesting" this weekend! Very exciting but also exhausting! To get Henry's room ready, we had to clear out the guest room. Our biggest item was the queen-size bed, which was a bit of a struggle for just the two of us (I'm only 5'-0"). While I cried "baby Jesus" all the way down, and broke only two fingernails, we finally managed to negotiate the mattress and box spring down four very tight flights of stairs. After that came the tall book shelf, an old chest of drawers, and multiple boxes of books and junk - ouch, ouch, ouch!

So, Henry's room is now a nice blank canvas! I think one of the most difficult nesting decisions I've made is figuring out what type of crib to purchase! :O Henry will be 17-18 months by the time he comes home so we decided on one of those crib-to-toddler convertible cribs. Man, there are hundreds out there! Using the process of elimination, I ruled out a bunch of features (i.e. crib type, finish, style and price) and managed to finally narrow down to two cribs and bought one online - yay!

Anyway, I don't have a theme yet and it may remain theme-less, but I'll wait until the rest of Henry's furniture arrives! Can't wait! Oh, and I'm HOPING to find a lovely letter (or fingerprinting appointment) from the USCIS next week.


Tony and Sue said...

Don't go overboard on decorating. Generally orphanage kids aren't used to a lot of decorations, etc, although the Xuchang orphanage seems to have lots of colors. And, really, who is the decorating for anyway? All the child really cares about when they come home is that their needs are being met. I'm not a "decorator" and we kept our daughter's room very plain. We bought some pictures to put on one wall and there were toys available (now she has MANY toys!). We will also keep our son's room plain, mostly because we don't have extra money to do much of anything this time.

I'm sure your son's room will be as nice as it needs to be! Have fun!

We're still waiting for LOA.


linxx said...

Thanks, Sue! Luckily, when we had the guest room painted, I was thinking long term so that's one big thing I don't have to worry about :). In terms of the overall decor, I'm a designer and artist, so I won't be able to help myself! However, I have recently discovered the cost of the crib bedding so I'm going to eliminate the crib bumper, which I know none of our kids have over there.

I hope your LOA comes this week!!!


hcobb said...

Weeeee!! Fun times! There are so many rules about what is safe or not for a kid's room. This lead to a pretty basic room for our little guy thus far but whatever... the toys are starting to multiply!

linxx said...

Hey girl! Hmmm...I wonder if some of those toys are daddy's must-have toys as well? :p

Anonymous said...

Hi sis sounds like you have been busy. Go for it hun I know you only want the best for Henry and we know how excited you must be because I know how excited we all are. Your friends have a point about not going over the top. But I know it'll be just perfect for him! You are going to be the best mum ever I know you are! Love you loads big Shell xxxxxxx

linxx said...

Thanks, Shell! You know I won't go OTT with the decoration for sure. It's just going to be simple, fun and contemporary! :) Love you xx