Saturday, October 29, 2011

October Updates | Photos

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Well, today I received another lovely surprise from LadybugsNLove -- photos of our little guy at almost 15 months! We immediately noticed his oversized green sweater as it's obviously about 5 sizes too big for him! Don't you just want to kiss those chubby little cheeks?


Anonymous said...

Yep I just wanna kiss those gorgeous chubby cheeks he is a handsome little bundle of joy xxxx Big Shell

linxx said...

Thanks, Shell! Mwah! xx

Kam said...

He is beautiful! I need to check into they deliver to foster families? Hmmm...I need to get on that.

I love seeing pics of Henry...our son just turned 15 months on 10.9 so they are close in age and maybe in size.

And yes, his cheeks are perfectly kissable!

linxx said...

Thank you, Kam! I don't know if they deliver to foster families but I'm pretty sure I read on one of the Groups that they do! You should contact Kelly and ask her?

Also, when I received my last updates from my agency, there was a mention of my son going to a foster family so I asked what would happen to care packages as I know we can't have direct contact with them. The agency said to still send the packages to the orphanage and they'll forward them on (although my son hasn't personally received his package yet - boo).

Yes, check out LadybugsNLove and good luck!!!

Team Robichaux said...

Oh so sweet! He is gorgeous!!


Tony and Sue said...

Very cute! We are going to send a photo album, a toy and a camera to our son. I hope to get it sent this week. We send through our agency.

I know, the I-800 won't take too long. They said to make sure the green paper is on top and it will get special attention.


linxx said...

Thanks, Tasha and Sue! Sue, good luck with your package and the I-800!! :)


hcobb said...

Adorable!! <3