Friday, October 28, 2011

October Updates of Our Little Man

Last Wednesday, I visited LadybugsNLove to purchase an Orphanage Phone Call. With this service, you can ask 10 questions plus updates on your child (usually on height, weight, number of teeth, foot size, head circumference, and chest size). You will most likely receive updated photos of your child as well.

Earlier today, I received an email from LadybugsNLove, which included answers to my 10 questions! Weeeee! Henry is doing well; he likes to play with other children; he can "roll over expertly" (lol); he has good appetite; he can say "baba" and "mamma"; and he is an "active lively little man" (yay!). No pictures yet but they will probably come later (something else to look forward to!). I'm also happy to report that Henry has gained 6 lbs and grown about an inch taller since his last update in September.

Although the care package that I sent last month arrived safely at the orphanage, unfortunately, Henry has not personally received it because he is still in the therapy center. I'm sad that he hasn't been given his blanket or shown photos of his parents (and dog) but I'm told he will get it soon.

No worries -- still a happy day!


Anonymous said...

Lovely that you have been updated on how Henry is progressing. What a shame about him not receiving your package:( can't believe it's the end of October already! It won't be long before he is home with you both xxx hurry hurry January xxx lots of love big Shell

linxx said...

I know, Shell! Our agency sent us a separate "updates" document and at the bottom it said, "He has not received a package from his family." I was sad, disappointed and a little miffed. :(

Thanks for checking in, Shell. Love you. Lin xx

hcobb said...

Really cool service!