Friday, September 30, 2011

We have LOA! (Letter of Acceptance)

Eeek! I'm so excited!! Oh my goodness, this was such a lovely surprise! I did NOT expect to receive our LOA this soon as it has been only 8 days since PA. I know people who have been waiting on average between 40-100+ days after PA (and I know most families received their LIDs within the last few months), so I asked my agency if they would kindly offer an explanation. Since I was given permission to share the info, you will find their message below. Okay, it's time to post pictures of our son! :D
Sep. 29, 2011
The very first step when a dossier is received is to send it out to the translation company - you may have heard this name - Bridge of Love Adoption Services (often abbreviated BLAS). They do all the translations of dossiers.

If your dossier arrives in China ALREADY matched with a Waiting Child, then the dossier is marked as "expedited", so when it arrives at BLAS, they translate it right away, send it back to the CCCWA, and the CCCWA reviews it right away - so those families usually receive their LOAs in 1-2 months after their LID.

However, if your dossier arrives in China WITHOUT a Waiting Child match, the dossier is sent to BLAS and waits its turn in line behind all the other traditional program dossiers.

On the CCCWA's intraweb (i.e., the Shared List), they post two very important dates: The first is the date up to which they've matched the traditional program (which is currently LIDs through July 28, 2006). The second date is also very important: this is the date up to which they've REVIEWED dossiers (i.e., the LID through which they've had the dossier translated, received back from BLAS, and reviewed). Currently, that date is November 30, 2010.

So, for all families who have an LID earlier than November 30, 2010, that means their dossier is literally just sitting at the CCCWA, awaiting a match. Some of these families will continue to wait in line for their traditional match, while others like yourselves may switch to the Waiting Child program.

So, since your dossier was logged in before Nov 30, 2010 (your LID is in August of 2010), the CCCWA didn't have to do a thing - they saw you were matched, your dossier was already translated and reviewed, and they issued your LOA nearly immediately.

Now, for families with LIDs LATER than Nov 30, 2010, their dossier is still probably being translated or in the review room at the CCCWA. If matched with a Waiting Child, these families wait the longest for their LOAs. Once the CCCWA issues pre-approval, they contact BLAS, ask for them to speed up the translation for that dossier now that the family has been matched, and then they have to review it once they get the translation back. Those families are the ones waiting forever, often 3, 4, or even 5 months for their LOA (from the point in time they were matched).

Hopefully that helps clear up some confusion! Feel free to educate the other moms on your Yahoo Group! :)
Great explanation!