Friday, September 30, 2011

Meet our Little Prince, Henry

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The first two images are two of the five photos given to us by our agency. The last image is a collage of the screenshots I took from the video clips that I believe was made in early September 2011. Currently, Henry is 14 months old and waiting in Xuchang SWI, Henan Province for his proud parents to take him home to Houston, Texas. When he's ready, we will take a trip to England to meet the rest of our families! Oh, we love our little guy!


Team Robichaux said...

Henry is such a cutie pie!! Oh my!! Love his smile :)


Tony and Sue said...

Oh, wow! You got pics/video of him smiling! Our son is also at Xuchang. Possibly in the same room! We are still waiting for LOA. We received referral July 26 and when I checked with our agency last week, we were still in the review process at CCCWA. Thanks for posting the explanation of how things work. I'll have to read it again to figure it all out.

Henry is so cute! Our son is very cute too. What is your son's special need? If your son is 14 months old, he's only 1 month older than our son!

We are not telling anyone what we are naming him until we get home. That's what we did with our daughter.

Hopefully we'll get LOA soon and if so, maybe we'll be in China about the same time. LOA took 71 days with our daughter. 71 days for us is next Wednesday.

I'll keep watching your blog!

Sue Smith

linxx said...

Tasha: Thanks, again! I love his smile, too :D.

Sue: Wow, there are now three of us with sons around the same age at Xuchang! It would be great if we could all travel at the same time!

I'm wishing you both speedy LOAs!!!

Kam said...

He is beautiful! And thanks so much for the explanation of the LOA timeline...I still get confused watching others because our dossier is not in China yet. So the steps get all jumbled in my mind! He is absolutely precious! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

So glad things are moving along. Can't wait to see our gorgeous nephew. Roll on January x x x Big Michelle